About Jerusalem

Jerusalem the ancient … with numerous holy places and treasures that have drawn pilgrims and tourists throughout the ages.

Jerusalem has been the focus of mankind for more than 3,000 years. Sanctified by religion and tradition, Jerusalem is a city revered by the three monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Jerusalem the modern … a thriving city that offers both the mystery and magnificence of the past and the luxury and efficiency of the 21st Century.

Jerusalem is the ideal city for conventions, congresses and international gatherings. It offers splendid facilities and a wide variety of tourist accommodations enhanced by a mild climate and beautiful landscape.

The city is also an ideal base for interesting excursions. In less than an hour one can reach the Mediterranean, Dead Sea, historic Galilee or the fascinating desert. Full or multiple-day excursions will take you to the sun-drenched glory of Eilat or the beautiful landscapes, nature reserves, waterfalls and religious sites of the Galilee and Golan.

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